Asking Smith

My apologies to those who have been following this blog. I have not written anything for at least three weeks. Mainly this has been to do with demands of the day job. But also, like many people I suppose, I have had a difficult time coming to terms with the loss. I keep coming back to the idea that we could be living in different times, and have a different type of energy, if the vote had gone the other way.

I have found a focus for myself in composing submissions to the Smith Commission. The first of these is in the following blog post. Writing it was an odd experience. I tried to keep to the guidelines that were laid out by the Commission. Whatever I send in will be ignored anyway, but at least I won’t give them the excuse that it can be dismissed because it does not confirm to the guidelines. As you can see, I kept it quite short, and restricted myself to getting the main points across. Partly this was because any attempt to fulfil their guidelines in detail would have required an immense amount of documentation and detail. I am assuming that they don’t want that, because there is no indication that they are intending to employ expert assessors to evaluate the credibility of technical arguments and evidence.

Actually, writing that Smith Commission proposal made me feel sick. I had this underlying sense of being a little boy asking for something from elders and betters. Its not really a dialogue. There was a sense of buying a lottery ticket. I never buy lottery tickets.

I need to keep going with this project and see how I feel after I have got into my stride. Its not much, but at least if the Smith Commission receives thousands of serious submissions from ordinary citizens, that in itself is saying something.


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